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Cobra Security

Cobra Security

Safety comes first

Security is a very important thing and that is why we want to present you our extensive security services. You can be sure that in Cobra Security you will find a partner you can rely on at any time and need. Our team consists of professional, experienced, reliable and highly motivated employees who are committed to you and your service. All activities and actions in Cobra Security are carried out with high discretion and protection of clients and committees. Responsibility, reliability, quality and experience shape our innovative solutions and preventive measures. We work with you to develop security concepts that meet your needs and requirements. We are at your disposal, with our intervention staff every day 0/24 hours a day.

Our approach

Our employees are carefully selected and professionally trained to provide the highest level of protection under any scenario.
An effective security strategy is not just an operating cost, but an investment is needed to effectively protect your company and its valuable resources, protect its reputation, and prevent losses.
Instructed by past experience of hazards and risks, we have recognized how companies are exposed to various types of risks, and depending on the industry. Our team of experts performs a comprehensive security risk assessment of your site, to identify potential threats and develop a risk reduction strategy for your business.


Our services

  • Insurance of property, tourist resorts, hotel complexes
  • Securing public gatherings
  • Bodyguard
  • Bodygard protection V.I.P persons
  • K-9 units
  • Maritime Security