Cobra Security

Our team consists of professional, experienced, reliable and highly motivated employees who are committed to you and your service. All activities and actions in Cobra Security are carried out with high discretion and protection of clients and committees.

Insurance of property, tourist resorts and hotel complexes

In performing the tasks of ensuring the protection of property, tourist resorts and hotel complexes, professionally trained employees with high professional training participate. In addition to the technical equipment, the security guards are dressed in adequate uniforms, which created a recognizable insurance. When taking over the facility, a threat assessment is performed, protection measures are proposed to improve the safety of the facility, and together with the user of services, instructions on the work of insurance employees are prepared. An integral part of the work service is the control service, which ensures that employees perform the tasks of the protected facility in a timely and orderly manner.

Securing public gatherings

With our employees we provide security services at various gatherings, gatherings, events, concerts, festivals, prom parties and sports competitions and the like.

K-9 unit

Our K-9 unit consists of professionally trained dogs who, in addition to physical protection, additionally provide property insurance.

Bodyguard – Bodyguard protection V.I.P person

This type of service is provided by professional and highly professional employees, equipped with modern technical equipment and vehicles in order to prevent endangerment of the protected person at any time. In addition to the protection of V.I.P persons, we also provide the service of transport of V.I.P persons, and protection of property in their absence.

Maritime Security

Maritime Security is a specialized department called BLACK HAWK MSC, which consists of specially trained professionals for armed escort and security of yachts, cargo ships, tankers and cruisers.

The BLACK HAWK team consists of former military and police officers, who have shown their work experience and training in jobs in high-risk areas of HIGH RISK AREA.